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Family Service Agency is a Santa Barbara institution, as much a part of local history as major landmarks like the […more…]

Family Service Agency

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Carole MacElhenny has pledged $10,000 to match donations made between now and Giving Tuesday on November 30, 2021.
That means a $100 donation provides 8 parenting classes. Your $250 donation provides basic needs assistance to one two families; and $1000 provides 6 months of counseling for a senior or caregiver.


Our mission is to strengthen and advocate for families and individuals of all ages and diversities, helping to create and preserve a healthy community.
(805) 965-1001 ext. 1267
Executive Director: Lisa Brabo

One thing I’ve really learned is that listening is really important. Also the willingness to be flexible, to make the changes we need to make. It takes energy to do that – adapting to the needs of the community. We’ve certainly expanded our capacity to make sure we do that.
Lisa Brabo
Executive Director, Family Service Agency

Invest in the Lives of Children, Families, and Seniors

In the same week, Lupe learned she was losing her job and that her children could not attend school in person. Her new unpaid job became helping her children with online school three to five hours a day. 

“I would go into my room and cry from feeling so incapable of helping my children. On top of that, I was constantly worrying how I would pay for rent, food, and all our other bills.” 

Last year, Family Service Agency helped over 10,000 families struggling to meet their most basic needs. Without help, the consequences for these families can be dire — homelessness, depression, and family instability.

Seniors and their caregivers have especially been impacted by isolation and stress. The waiting list for mental health counseling for seniors and caregivers continues to grow.

We need your help to meet the needs of these underserved residents. Together we can create a more resilient community. Please donate at

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